The Counseling Process

The Calming Center of Mount Airy was built with a steadfast commitment to overcoming the challenges and barriers that so many people experience when seeking counseling to improve their mental health.

Counseling Solutions

Individual Counseling

People seek out individual counseling throughout the course of their lives because it's a time tested tool that is useful in helping individuals cope & work through complicated situations and emotions.

Couples Counseling

In today’s busy world, healthy relationships take time and intentionality. Couples counseling helps couples prioritize the wellbeing of their relationship.

Family Counseling

Counseling helps families restore their peace at home by helping family members communicate better, solve problems, and find new ways to work together.

Counseling for Kids

Children can benefit from counseling services, from adapting and processes changes, transitions, and traumas.

What We Treat


Feeling like your brain doesn’t have an “off” switch, constantly worrying, and overthinking are hallmarks of anxiety. Experience relief and peace of mind through counseling.


Depression is not something you can just "snap out of." It's an illness that requires professional treatment. With the right care, you can feel better. We work closely with our clients to create tailored treatment plans to address their unique needs and concerns. Learning ways to better cope with stress and manage your symptoms can lead to recovery and functioning at your best.

Substance Abuse

If you’re in recovery, support is vital to successfully improving your health and wellness. Therapy provides the individual with education regarding their addiction, relapse, and the recovery processes, and helps them learn about healthy coping and communication skills, as well as how to build and establish a supportive recovery network.

Counseling for Children & Families

When young children experience trauma or other negative life events such as abuse, neglect, bullying, racism, violence, or educational difficulties, they often hold powerful negative beliefs about themselves, such as “It was my fault”. At The Calming Center, we understand play is a child’s natural language for expressing emotions, processing experiences, and resolving internal conflict.

Couples Counseling

Romantic relationships are hard work and require regular, consistent maintenance to keep things going smoothly. If you are having the same fight over and over again without resolution, it might be time to see a therapist. You can also go see a therapist if you're feeling stuck about how to manage a hard decision together, if you're considering splitting up, or if there's been a major stressor on the relationship such as infidelity, financial strain, or trauma.

Couples Counseling for Non-Traditional Couples

While many of the same dynamics and issues are present in both same sex and opposite sex couples, some factors, such as social acceptance and dominant heterosexual culture, can have a toll on relationships. Couples counseling, for same sex and nontraditional couples can help address deep-rooted issues and find ways to help bolster the relationship in a safe and understanding environment.

Counseling for Teens

Counseling also gives teens the skills they need to navigate a variety of things, such as self-discovery, stress, life events, or mental health issues. In some cases, even just a few sessions can make a big difference to your teen’s overall well-being.

Counseling for Women

Women experience unique challenges regarding mental health. Problems can include depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, problems in the workplace, guilt and self-blame, and relationship issues. Fortunately, counseling can help women to address these issues as well as many others. Additionally, women seek counseling to learn more about themselves and grow in self-awareness. They desire a deeper sense of identity, purpose, and fulfillment in life.

Counseling for Men

Counseling can be used to manage a wide range of issues and mental health concerns. Counseling helps people cope with job stress and relationship troubles, overcome past traumas, and manage anxiety and mood disorders. Depression is the most common reason men seek professional help. Many life situations — jobs, relationships — can trigger its trademark symptoms, such as prolonged sadness, lack of energy, and a constant feeling of stress.