Counseling with Commitment

The Calming Center of Mount Airy was built with a steadfast commitment to overcoming the challenges and barriers that so many people experience when seeking counseling to improve their mental health.

The three counselors of The Calming Center of Mount Airy- A Counseling Solution, Bethany Oberg, Michelle Hawks, and Jake Long, walking and laughing

Our Mission

to provide unbiased, non-judgmental counseling

  • Where clients feel a strong connection with their counselor
  • Where clients experience positive changes in their sense of well-being and noticeable improvement in their daily lives

Unique Service for You

to provide unbiased, non-judgmental counseling

Responsive Communication

We Answer the Phone & Return Messages

We understand the importance of connecting with a counselor and getting your needs met in a timely manner. 

Same-Week Appointments

We know you are reaching out for help, and we provide it quickly.

When you’re in need of support, you don’t need to be placed on a waiting list or have to wait weeks for an appointment.

Free Phone Consultation

Get a Feel for Our Services Before you Commit

Our counselors are available to connect with you and support you in your search for a counselor that fits your needs.

Homey Environment

Feel comfortable to speak on your own terms in a
welcoming, relaxing space

We have a calm space, nestled away from the busyness and overwhelm of day to day life.

Be Heard

Feel Understood & Experience change

Our priority is your wellbeing.