Responsive Counseling Care

The Calming Center of Mount Airy was built with a steadfast commitment to overcoming the challenges and barriers that so many people experience when seeking counseling to improve their mental health.

Many of our clients come to us feeling defeated and overwhelmed. They have called numerous therapists, but haven’t heard back or get a call back just to learn there is a waiting list and they won’t be able to be seen for a month, if not more. At The Calming Center, we promptly return phone calls and respond to messages/emails. New clients are able to schedule their first session within a week of their initial contact and have the ability to schedule sessions at times that are convenient to them. Our office hours are flexible to accommodate work and/or school schedules. Our clients appreciate our unbiased approach to counseling and feel they can get the help they need without fear of their therapist judging or thinking negatively of them.

Our Counselors

Bethany Oberg, a counselor at The Calming Center of Mount Airy- A Counseling Solution, sitting and smiling

Bethany Oberg

Bethany’s approach to counseling focuses on women’s issues, helping people heal from emotional pain and trauma, and personal growth. Seeing her clients accomplish their goals and feel better is a joy of her practice. She is also passionate about equipping clients with the tools to manage ADHD symptoms.

Her personal time includes Raising her three children and has been a significant cornerstone of Bethany’s life. She enjoys expressing her intrinsic creativity through music and painting. 

In addition to counseling families and individuals, Bethany is excited to be a qualified supervisor, helping other counselors grow in their journey toward licensure. As the owner and clinical director of The Calming Center, she is committed to ensuring clients have a safe space to get the help they need. You can see more of her information at Psychology Today.

Michelle Hawks, a counselor at The Calming Center of Mount Airy- A Counseling Solution, sitting and smiling

Michelle Hawks

Michelle is caring and transparent with her clients. Her key signature is that she is great listener who is supportive of her clients individuality. Her diversity of client types sets her apart as a expert in the field of counseling.

During her downtime, Michelle enjoys long walks on the beach, spending time with family, her pets. She also enjoys crafting and spending time caring for others.

You can read more information at Psychology Today.